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What the Allies knew...

The Allied Reaction Regarding the Holocaust During 1942


"What the Allies Knew"


Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski

The following letters, reports, telegrams indicate the Nazis brutal persecution of the Jews in Poland, and the extent to which the Allies knew what was happening in Poland.

General Sikorski’s broadcast to Poland of June 9 1942:

The wave of terror in Poland has assumed such vast dimensions in the spring of this year after Himmler’s visit that the Polish Government has again decided to call the attention of the Allied Nations to these crimes unheard of in history.

On Saturday, June 6, the Polish Cabinet debated the form of this protest, and it has been decided that General Sikorski shall give a protest speech on the radio to Poland. This protest shall be made known to the world in a diplomatic note which the Polish Government will address to all Allied and Neutral Governments.

In the speech of protest broadcast today General Sikorski surveyed the new wave of terror which began in March of this year. He said:

"Mass shootings and torture of tens of thousands in concentration camps: confiscation of property and all means of production: expulsion from businesses: the deportation of over a million and a half people: the systematic starvation of the Polish nation, and the banning of any assistance to the sick and feeble: the methodical and continuous destruction of all Polish culture: the ruthless extermination of everything Polish in lands inhabited by Poles for a thousand years – all these continue without respite.

For some time we did not bring this appalling state of affairs to the notice of the world, but confined ourselves to noting only the facts and their perpetrators, so that the hour of victory should also be the hour of stern retribution. However when –under the influence of insane fear – the wave of terror assumed such vast dimensions in Poland in the spring of this year, that is to say, after Himmler’s visit to our country, the Polish Government again decided to call the attention of the Allied nations to these crimes, unheard of in history.

This new wave of terror began in March of this year by mass arrests in Warsaw, Cracow, Lublin and other Polish towns, and by the deportation of the prisoners thus seized, including a large number of women, to concentration camps ill-famed for their cruelty. 

A Polish man is arrested by German soldiers inWarsaw

The professors of the Lwow University who were imprisoned after the Germans entered the city have been deported to an unknown destination, and there is no trace of their whereabouts.

The same thing happened in Wilno where the Archbishop Mgr. Jabrzykowski, a great patriot, beloved by his flock, was also arrested and with him the Canons of the Cathedral and the professors and students of the local seminary. In the prisons of Poznan a number of prominent local citizens were tortured to death, additional victims who have been sentenced to death await execution. 

To smash the resistance of the railwaymen in the Upper Silesia junction’s gallows have been erected in eighteen Silesian towns. Members of the educated classes, railwaymen and workers, are being hanged there, and simultaneously all the schoolchildren of Upper Silesia are herded there to watch this cruel spectacle. 

New concentration camps have been set up in which peasants are herded for their refusal to supply the occupying authorities with their quotas of agricultural produce. 

The German authorities, in deathly fear of a Polish rising, sent 1200 officers of the reserve to concentration camps in April of this year. Several scores of Polish war-prisoners were charged and tried, and as a rule, sentenced to death or life-long imprisonment.  

In February of this year special lecturers arrived in Poland from Germany, and in confidential German meetings they reviewed the general war situation and explained the necessity for a policy of increased terrorism in the following words: “The war is nearing its end and the final decision will soon be reached.”  

The Germans who came to the occupied countries must defend themselves on the spot and must actively co-operate with the occupying armies, as the menace of the enemy is everywhere present. These Germans must rely on their own strength in the first resort, they must be the guardians of the German armies’ rear.  They must keep constant watch on their own houses and on those of their neighbours. The front turns its eyes to them and requires sacrifices from them

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